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I believe as Carl Rogers suggests that the counsellor should have unconditional positive regard for his client, be authentic and empathic. I also agree with Bowlby when he suggests that we develop relationships from early on in our lives and that these determine how we relate later on in our lives too.
When people start counselling it is very frequent because of feeling anxiety or depression, so CBT strategies are very helpful to understand how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours all link together. 
When working with traumatised people, I believe it is important to feel safe first in yourself and in your environment. I use CBT strategies for that and grounding techniques. It is also important to make a narrative of the trauma and to be able to mourn for what could have been. Eventually, it is important to look into the future and create a new reality past that trauma. In summary that is how I work with Herman’s three-stage trauma model proposes.


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