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What Is Coaching

Updated: Apr 21

Coaching is a collaborative result-focussed dialog that is non-directive, with reflective learning that aims through a systematic process help grow the individual’s awareness, responsibility and choice to bring about change. Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them, or fixing things.

The Principles of Coaching

  • Client-led: the topic for discussion is led by the client, not the coach.

  • Dialogic: it is a process of conversation using questions, reflection and other dialectic approaches.

  • Client-initiated and realised: the change a client wants is brought about by their own actions rather than done for them.

  • Non-advisory: it assumes the client can come to the best answer for themselves, or at least that, in trying to, they will learn at a deeper level.

  • Change oriented: it focuses on creating change rather than, say, emotional release for coping, and so typically has well-established goals or outcomes.

  • Focused on potential and self-actualisation: it assumes that people can grow and change to become happier and realise more of their potential.

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